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2021       Hartford Public Schools News,
2021       Hartford Public Schools News, painting-to-hartford-public-schools/

2021       Hartford Public Schools News,

2011        Hartford Courant, “Artist’s Corner”

2011        Hartford Courant, Julie Schnatz Rybeck Cover art for ITowns

2006     Glastonbury Citizen, “ Color, Love of Outdoors Individualize Local Artists Work,” by Jo Ann Abella

2006     Glastonbury Life, “A World Of Colorful Light & Life In A Painter’s World,” by Brucie Izard

2006     Glastonbury Life, “ A Partial Victory For Preserving Land In Nayaug,” by Sherman Tarr                               

2005     Preview Connecticut, “Art”

2005     Glastonbury Reminder Magazine, “ Local Artist Julie Schnatz Rybeck Finds Music In Painting,” by Andres Hidalgo

2005     Hartford Courant, “Awash In Color At Artworks,” by Donna Larsen

2005     Glastonbury Reminder Magazine,  ArtWorks Gallery artist Julie Schnatz Rybeck

2005     Meriden Record Journal, “ Painted Music”

2005     Artist Magazine, “Landscapes: Painted Music”

2002     Glastonbury Life, “Julie Rybeck’s Paintings Are Alive With Bursts Of Color,”  Nancy Thompson

2003     Meriden Record Journal, “Music Is An Inspiration For The Arts,” by Ralph Hofman

2003     Glastonbury Citizen, “ Local Artist’s Paintings On View At ArtWorks,” by Jason DeCoteau    

2001      Glastonbury Citizen, “Pearl Paints - and So Does Julie,” by Robin Habzda

1999      Meriden Record Journal, “ Artist’s Paintings Cheer Up Midstate,” by Amando Savio

1999      Hartford Business Journal, “Julie Schnatz Rybeck Art Exhibit,” events

1999      Glastonbury Citizen, “Hawk Frame and Gallery “  “Periwinkled Pines”

1999     The New York Times, “This Week In Connecticut”

1999     Hartford Advocate, “Sounds Of Spring”

1999     Hartford Courant, “Art Inspired By Sound,” by Owen McNally

1996     Hartford Courant, “Town Artist Prepares For Show To Be Held At Hartford Gallery”

1996     The New York Times, “This Week In Connecticut”

1995     Hartford Courant, “Glastonbury Woman Prepares For Art Show,” by Tina Brown

1994     The Glastonbury Citizen, “Local Artist’s Work Showcased”

1992     Hartford Courant, “ Art At Pearl”

1992     Hartford Courant, “Distinctive Styles Excite and Sedate,” by Jude Schwendenwein

1992     North East Magazine, “Lobbying On Your Lunch Hour,” by Sheri Venema

1992     The Boston French Library Magazine, “Autour Des Tuilleries”

1992     Meriden Record Journal, by Amanda Savio

1988     Glastonbury Citizen, “ Schnatz Exhibits In Boston”

1987     Chicago Herald, "Smart Gallery Shows New 'Master' Pieces," by Cara Glatt



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