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Purple Mountain-24x27-acrylic copy.jpg


Surrounding the silence of a painting, music can be heard. The sounds are a universal language that lend themselves to color.

In those primal moments, before the brush strokes the canvas, a dance begins.  It is a call to the artist to journey into the unknown. In order to move forward, experience the beckoning sound, preconceptions are released. Freedom and untethered movement follow so that vision becomes tangible through creativity.

When I find myself with a palette and a canvas, I listen in the still silence.  Music then lifts me into the journey.


I have a passion for the sky, land and water, untouched open land; they are departure points.  In turn, the tones and hues invite the viewer to revel in the beauty and grace of our land, to lose oneself while finding another moment or place.

Let the colors lift you into a place of another's rhythm.  

JULIE SCHNATZ RYBECK   artist/painter    2019

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